Y. S. Bhat

Born on March 8, 1956, Gudeangadi, Kumata Hobli, Uttara Kannada district, State of Karnataka. He received his Bachelors` Degree in Science from the Karnataka University, Dharwad (1976), Master of Science in Chemistry from the Karnataka University, Dharwad (1978) and Ph.D.(Chemistry-Heterogeneous Catalysis) from the Pune University, Pune (1984). The doctoral work was carried out at National Chemical Laboratory under the guidance of well known chemical engineer,  Padmashri Dr. L.K. Doraiswamy, Director NCL. After the doctoral work he moved to Laboratory for Petrochemical Technology at Gent University, Belgium on post-doctoral assignment (1984-1986). He worked on AMOCO sponsored project on studying kinetics and modeling of ethylbenzene dehydrogenation to styrene. On returning back to India he  joined research center of Indian Petrochemicals Limited, Baroda, Gujarat (1986). He worked on several zeolite based petrochemical catalysts. That has led to the development and commercialization of catalysts for two technologies viz. xylene isomerization and  para-diethylbenzene synthesis. As a team member of the two projects he actively participated in designing and synthesis of laboratory scale catalysts and their screening, optimization of process parameters in both laboratory and pilot plant units. Further the best selected catalyst out of laboratory and pilot units was scaled up to commercial scale at catalyst and adsorbent manufacturing facility of IPCL at Thane (near Mumbai).  He was closely involved in commercial manufacture of the catalyst which consisted of more than 36 stages. Further the performance of catalysts in commercial plants was monitored and suggestions were provided to the process team to optimize the process conditions as well as enhancing the stability/life of the catalyst. In addition to this several petrochemical reactions of importance to IPCL was studied and catalysts were developed. This has resulted in publication of several papers in peer reviewed international journals and also Indian and US patents. Also he has guided several master and doctoral level students of M.S. University of Baroda  for their thesis work. 

In 1996 the research activity was shifted to another place i.e. research and development unit of Saudi Basic Industries Corporation, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. His job involved three aspects (i) carrying out research project of importance to SABIC, (ii) trouble shooting in petrochemical plants and (iii) coordinating sponsored projects at local universities. This opportunity gave a very good occasion to interact with technology suppliers and know the latest developments in the area of dehydrogenation, isomerization, MTBE synthesis, steam reforming, LPG aromatization etc. Almost 5 years he was deputed for trouble shooting in aromatization process and contributed significantly in the smooth functioning and extended health of the catalyst in the commercial plant. The research in the area of development of oxidation catalysts especially for C3 and C4 hydrocarbons has led to 10 US patents, 1 EU and 7 PCT.  A lab scale technology was developed for propylene oxidation to acrylic acid via acraldehyde.

He came back in 2004 to India to settle down in Bangalore. He has worked from 2004 to 2016 in Bangalore Institute of Technology (BIT) as Professor and Head of Chemistry Department. He was involved in teaching engineering chemistry to undergraduate engineers in BIT and inorganic/physical chemistry related topics to post graduate chemistry students at Vishveshwarpura Science College. Also he has guiding five doctoral students for their Ph.D. degree from Visvesvaraya Technological University at Research Center BIT. He was the principal investigator for two sponsored projects one each from DST and VTU completed in the BIT research center. So far he has published more than 75 papers in peer reviewed national/international journals, 35 papers have been presented at national/international  seminars /symposia/workshop. He has got 35 patents to his credit which includes 16 Indian, 11 US, 1EU and 7 PCT. During his course of stay in IPCL Baroda and SABIC Riyadh he has submitted more than 40 internal reports related to various projects handled. He was honoured with  ‘Innovation Award- 2003’ during his research career in SABIC. His area of interest includes clays, zeolite, mixed metal oxides, petrochemicals, chemical kinetics, adsorption and catalysis. He is a member of Rotary Bangalore South Club since 2011.

He is presently working as Emeritus Professor at PPISR since June 2016.