Availability of Central Instrument Facility for Academic/Industrial Researchers 


Poornaprajna Institute of Scientific Research (PPISR) has established a testing facility for all researchers from academic institutions and industries, to characterize their samples. Interested individuals can analyze their samples under the guidance of a PPISR staff. PPISR has procured several analytical instruments that are vital for the faculty and students to pursue advanced research in basic and applied sciences.  The Analytical Facility has several sophisticated instruments namely Powder X-ray Diffractometer, Surface Area Analyzer, Temperature Program desorption (TPD)   Analyzer, Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS), Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR), Ultra Violet–Visible Spectroscopy (UV-VIS), and Fluorescence Spectrophotometer.

The following instruments are available at the PAC for external users:

1. Powder X-ray Diffractometer (PXRD)

 The  D2 PHASER – table top X-ray Powder Diffractometer from Bruker  is ideal for qualitative, quantitative and structure analysis of  polycrystalline samples.


  • Wavelength: Cu Kα (λ=1.5418Å)
  • Detector: LYNXEYE(TM) 1-D Solid State Fast Detector
  • 2 Theta range: 5-90 degrees
  • Sample type: Powder only
  • Temperature: Room Temperature
2. Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR)

The Bruker-alpha FTIR spectrophotometer is a compact instrument and measures the infrared spectrum, which represents the molecular absorption and transmission of a sample.


  • Spectral range 500-4000 cm-1 with scan rate of 32
  • Attenuated Total Reflectance available
  • Solid, liquid and gel samples can be analyzed without making pellets
3. Fluorescence Spectrophotometer

The Varian Cary Eclipse Fluorescence Spectrophotometer is a compact instrument and measures the fluorescence, phosphorescence, chemi/bio-luminescence, and time resolved phosphorescence.


Spectral range UV-Vis. Xenon flash lamp technology with room light immunity and high sensitivity.

  • Both solid and liquid samples can be analyzed.


4. Ultra Violet – Visible Spectroscopy (UV-VIS) 

The UV-Visible spectrophotometer from Perkin Elemer can be routinely used in analytical chemistryfor the quantitative determination of different analytes such as transition metal ions, highly conjugated organic compounds, and biological macromolecules.


  • deuterium lamp source for UV region and tungsten halogen lamp for Visible region
  • Both solid(only thin films) and liquid samples can be analyzed by UV-Vis
  • Solid samples in the form of thin films can be analyzed
  • Absorbance, Transmittance, Diffused Reflectance for liquids and Absorbance, Transmittance for solids can be measured

5.Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy

This instrument from Perkin-Elmer is used for the qualitative and quantitative determination of chemical elements employing the absorption of optical radiation (light) by free atoms in the gaseous state. In analytical chemistry the technique is used for determining the concentration of a particular element (the analyte) in a sample to be analyzed.


  • Elements analysed in our facility are Iron, Copper, Silicon, Aluminium, Zinc, Calcium, Sodium, Phosphorous and Magnesium.
  • Sample in the form of liquids are analysed in this instrument.
  • Solid samples are digested using acids (hydrochloric, nitric, sulphuric etc) and made up to required volume using distilled water.

6. Temperature Program desorption (TPD) Analyzer

BEL's new fully-automated catalyst analyzer, enables comprehensive catalyst study by using the techniques;

1) Temperature programmed desorption (TPD)

2) Temperature programmed reduction (TPR)

BELCAT II will be the strong tool for the catalyst evaluation.

Typical Applications

  • Acidity study of cracking catalyst by ammonia or pyridine TPD.

Basicity study of solid base catalyst. etc...

BEL Sorp II, Japan
7. Surface Area Analyzer with pore size distribution etc

BELSORP-miniII is a compact, volumetric adsorption measurement instrument used for specific surface area and pore distribution measurement. Up to 3 samples can be measured simultaneously and independently with dedicated software, which makes operation of the instrument straightforward.


Measurement principle Volumetric gas adsorption method +AFSM
Adsorptive N2, Ar, CO2, H2 and other non-corrosive gases
Analysis port High accuracy mode: 3 ports
Standard mode: 2 ports
Specific surface area 0.01m2/g and above (N2/77K, depends on sample density)
Pore size distribution 0.35 - 200 nm in pore diameter

For enquiries from interested individuals from the Industry please contact Dr. Suresh Babu K for the charges. Contacts:

1. Dr. Suresh Babu K


Email: sureshk@poornaprajna.org

2. Mrs.Latha Srinivasan

Senior Adminitrative Secretary

Email: latha@poornaprajna.org


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No. 4. Sadashivanagar,

BANGALORE - 560 080

Phone Off: 23611836


Please do not send us your samples without making a preliminary enquiry!

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