Microwave assisted synthesis of organic and inorganic chemicals

Speaker: Dr. G. Shanbhag, Asst. Professor, Material Science Division, PPISR

Abstract: In the present era, the prime goal for a synthetic chemist is to actively engage in the development of efficient and environmentally benign synthetic protocols in response to the increasing pressure to produce the large number of substances required by society in an environmentally benign fashion. Various stringent regulations and stipulations that are placed on the chemical industries, especially in the area of waste management, have inspired the scientists to explore environmentally benign methods to carry out the reactions in an expeditious manner with minimized waste generation. There are 4 important such routes; Light induced-photochemistry, Microwave-assisted irradiation, Sonochemistry—ultrasonic irradiation, Mechanochemical mixing. Among them, microwave synthesis has gained a lot of importance of late due to shorter synthesis time for organic/ inorganic materials and uniform nanosized synthesis of inorganic materials. This talk will give the overview of these methods with some of case studies.
Friday, July 1, 2016