Introduction to Dendrimers: Highly Branched Polymers and their Applications

Speaker: Dr. Sanjeev P. Maradur. Materials Science Division, PPISR

Abstract: Dendrimers are a class of highly branched, multivalent and monodisperse polymers, which have received continuous interest in recent years because of the global demand for new nanomolecules that are useful in advanced technology and medicine. While dendrimers are advantageous for many highly specialized applications, but the high polyvalency of higher-generation dendrimers requires, well-controlled, tailored regioselective chemical engineering. The structural evolution of dendrimers - from simple, monofunctional molecules to the more complex, multifunctional compounds - is inextricably associated with a continuous improvement in traditional synthetic strategies, as well as the development of new synthetic tools. In this seminar, a general introduction to the subject, synthetic stratergies and few applications will be discussed.

Friday, June 17, 2016