Current progress towards creation of synthetic self-assembling protein scaffolds.

Speaker: Dr. Udupi A. Ramagopal, Biological Science Dept, PPISR

Abstract: Nature has all the tools and tricks to create repertoire of nano- and micro-structures through the spontaneous self-assembly of highly complicated proteins. Biological molecules that can self-assemble in to a supramolecular structure in an organized way and are genetically tunable, allow us to create biomaterials with a repertoire of structural and functional properties. Although, we are still in the process of understanding the mechanism of protein folding and protein-protein interactions, information on protein structures and their assemblies derived from various techniques is beginning to reveal some of the strategies used by nature. Hence, devising strategies to create biomolecular assemblies is still in the early stages. In this talk, we will be discussing the recent progress in the rational design of nano- and micro-sized architectures utilizing protein scaffolds.
Friday, June 24, 2016