Annual Sports Day – 2017

A Sports events for all members of PPISR was organized at the Bidalur campus for the first time involving all members of the scientific community and administrative staff.  A colourful event was planned and organized by Dr. Suresh by taking the initiative and encouraging everyone to participate in the sports events such as Cricket, Tug-of-war (men and women), volleyball, shuttle, Carrom, Slow motorcycle race, Table Tennis, alongwith athletic games of 100Mts sprint, marathon of 2.5kms and one minute games such as skipping, filling the bottle with water etc. 

This event ensured the unity of PPISR in diversity by bringing together everyone under one roof and filling them with enthusiasm and happiness forever.  Also, on the occation of valedictory Celebrations of day of Founder’s Day, prizes were distributed to the winners by the chief guest Prof. Rajaram Nityananda, School of Liberal Studies, Bengaluru and other members of management.


Slow Motorcycle Race

100Mts Sprint (Women)

100Mts Sprint (Men)

Skipping (Men)

Tug of war between the faculty and students 

Winners  -  “Team Faculty”


Finals of Shuttle Badminton

 Finals of Volley Ball

Monday, July 3, 2017 to Wednesday, July 5, 2017