DIRECTOR's Message

Dr. A. B. Halgeri,
Director, PPISR

Thank you for visiting the web site of Poornaprajna Institute of Scientific Research (PPISR). PPISR has been established by H. H. Sri Vibudhesha Teertha Swamiji with the aim of nurturing and promoting original curiosity driven fundamental research in the basic sciences as well as the applied sciences and it is being enthusiastically carried forward by the present Chairman of PPISR H. H. Vishwapriya Teertha Swamiji.

I had the privilege of taking this responsibility as the Director of this Institute on 15th February 2010. It gives me immense satisfaction that one year down the line; the Institute has made visible progress in many areas. First and foremost was shifting of the entire research activities to Bidalur campus and all the Faculty Members were asked to start research activities in the new campus. Earlier, the main focus of the Institute was Theoretical Physics and Mathematics and now we have extended our research activities to Materials and Biological Sciences. We have created new infrastructure like setting up research laboratories, procurement of sophisticated equipments and also building a new materials synthesis laboratory. We have nearly 9 core Faculty Members, 12 JRFs and 11 Adjunct and Honorary Professors to carry out research work in the area of Materials sciences and Biological Sciences.

The Institute has received valuable guidance from the highly eminent scientists like Prof K.J. Rao and stream of visiting Adjunct and Honorary Professors from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore University, Raman Research Institute, Bangalore Institute of Technology, etc. The Physical and Scientific activities of PPISR campus are excellent. They provide a congenial environment for advanced research programmes. We are happy to note that the grants from DST and also Industrial project from M/s. GTC technologies, USA in Materials Science have come in during the first year of start up. Our faculty members have applied to various agencies like DST, DRDO, DBT, VGST, etc., for sponsorship in Physics, Materials Sciences and Biological Sciences.

The stream of visitors to the Institute both from among the students and faculty has grown steadily. Regular academic activities like Seminars, Lectures, and Workshops have been held. A group of highly motivated scientists have been identified to advise and guide the Institute. Finally credit for the progress that is reported here goes to all faculty members, research students, and visiting faculty members. We are confident that with the vision and guidance drawn from H. H. Vishwapriya Teertha Swamiji and the excellent support from the AMEF trust and also academic persons that PPISR will continue to thrive despite all the challenges posed to establish a centre of excellence in advanced research cadre.


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