Welcome to PPISR

Poornaprajna Institute of Scientific Research (PPISR), a unit of Admar Mutt Education Foundation (AMEF), is situated near Bengaluru International Airport on a sprawling campus spread over 32 acres. It was conceptualized and founded by the pontiff of Admar Mutt His Holiness late Sri Vibudhesha Theertha Swamiji. It was his vision to create a serene and congenial environment, where scientists would be inspired to carry out innovative and original research in fundamental and applied sciences. It is presently enthusiastically carried forward by the present Chairman HH Sri Vishwapriya Theertha Swamiji to make Poornaprajna Institute of Scientific Research a Centre of Excellence in order the realize the dreams of his Guruji H H Sri Vibudhesha Theertha Swamiji. H H Vishwapriya Theertha Swamiji has keen interest on the research activities of PPISR. The infrastructure is being constantly upgraded to meet the academic requirement and for scientific and student activities.  In a short span of three years, H H Sri Vishwpriya Theertha Swamiji had inaugurated the New Biological Sciences laboratory, New Hostel building to accommodate 20 students and also Bharat Ratna Prof CNR Materials Science Laboratory at the Bidalur campus to carry out world class research at our Institute.  The foundation stone for the research campus was laid in 1998 by the then Prime Minister of India Sri Atal Behari Vajpayee.

The institute is recognized by Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), Govt. of India, New Delhi and Manipal University, Karnataka, as an R&D centre.

Currently there are three divisions at PPISR, consisting of Theoretical Sciences, Materials Science and Biological Sciences, where advanced research activities are being conducted. The Institute has nine core faculty members and twelve distinguished

professors as adjunct and honorary professors and nearly 29 distinguished from various renowned instutions are guiding our doctoral students for carrying research activities .

This year our first batch of nine students has just obtained their PhD degree. Presently, 21 doctoral students, two postdoctoral fellows and three project assistants are actively involved in research activities on many sponsored projects both from Government agencies and as well from industries. To date, the Institute has published more than 176 papers in National and International peer reviewed journals and two international patents have been filed. The combined average impact factor of our publications is 2.5, which is higher than that for several leading institutions in the country.

PPISR is supported by the Udupi Sri Admar Mutt Education Foundation (AMEF). It is part of a large family of sister institutions, which also includes the Poornaprajna Schools, the Poornaprajna Institute of Management and the Poornaprajna Institute of Faculty Improvement, governed by the Udupi Sri Admar Mutt Education Council (AMEC).  PPISR All these developments would not have been possible without the guidance, support and blessings from H H Sri Vishwapriya Theertha Swamiji and also excellent support from the management of Admar Mutt Education Foundation and Trustee members, and also with the cooperation of all faculty members, students, and staff of PPISR.