1. The infrastructure fund, "the Establishment of Center of Excellence in Science, Engineering and Medicine" (CESEE), Department of IT, BT and ST, VGST, Govt. of Karnataka was sanctioned to Dr. Ramagopal for the period of 3 years.
  2. Chemical fixation of CO2 by converting into value added chemicals using metal-modified ordered nanoporous silicate catalysts Sponsored to Dr. Ganapati Shanbhag, Centre  of Excellence in Science, Engineering and Medicine (CESEM), VGST, Govt. of Karnataka.
  3. Synthesis of Nanostructured p-type doped La-based  Perovskites for Design of Selective Gas Sensors” DST Govt of India  to   Dr. Nalini Sundaram
  4. Phase Transitions in BiMWO6 (M=Ce,fe,Cr) Smart Functional Nanomaterials sponsored by UGC-DAE CSR Mumbai Centre, India for three years to Dr. Nalini Sundaram
  5. Dr. Nalini G Sundaram’s project entitled  “Influence of Electron beam irradiation on the crystal structure and photoluminescence or rare earth doped tungstate nanophosphors.” sponsored by Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences (BRNS).
  6. Transformative Crystalline Hybrid Porous Materials: Chemical Synthesis and Applications, Sponsored by Department of Science and technology (DST), INSPIRE to Dr. Suresh Babu
  7. Design and Development Stable Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs) with Multiple Functional Sites for Catalysis, Department of Science and technology (DST), Early career research award, to Dr. Suresh Babu
  8. BRNS project to study the effect of electron beam radiation on endophytic fungi producing ligninase enzyme sponsored by BRNS to Dr. Ananda
  9. ”Geometric Phase and Quantum Phase Transition in Quantum Many Body System” sponsored by DST to Dr. Sujith Sarkar
  10. Entanglement, nonlocality and superluminal signaling in deterministic and indeterministic extensions of quantum mechanics sponsored by DST to Dr. R. Srikanth
  11. Dr. Srikanth’s project tilted “Computational speed-up in generalized probability theories” sponsoews by DST-SERB to Dr. Srikanth
  12. Structural and evolutionary investigations on antibiotic resistant conferring RNA methyl transferases for designing novel strategies of drug development sponsored by DST to Dr. Ramagopal.
  13. Feasibility Study of a Practical Realization of Protocol for Semi-Counterfactual Quantum Key Distribution (QKD)” sponsored by DRDO to Dr. Srikanth

1. Design and development of a catalyst and process for the conversion of C1-C3paraffins to value added hydrocarbons via halogen mediation

Sponsored by:  GTC Technology, USA

Principal Investigator:  Dr. Ganapati V Shanbhag

Co-Investigator:   Dr. Sanjeev P Maradur

Project fellows: Santosh Kumar, Saikiran M, Manjunath Doddamani


2. Development of novel catalysts for light naphtha valorization

Sponsored by:  Hindustan Petroleum Green Research and Development Centre (HPGRDC), Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd. (HPCL), Bangalore

Rs. 55.2 Lakhs for 2 years, September 2015-August 2017

Principal Investigator:  Dr. Ganapati V Shanbhag

Co-Investigator:   Dr. Sanjeev P Maradur

Project fellows: Mr. Abhishek Jadhav, Dr. Subba Reddy Marri


3. Development of Novel Mesoporous Polymer Based Catalysts for Low Temperature Catalytic Applications

Sponsored by HPCL Green R&D, Bangalore (Feb2016 –Jan 2018)

Principal Investigator:   Dr. Sanjeev P. Maradur

Co-Investigator:   Dr. G. V. Shanbhag

Reserach Students:  Mr. Kempanna and Mr. Sathyapal