About Admar Mutt Educational Foundation (AMEF)

USAMEC established a separate Trust named Admar Mutt Education Foundation (AMEF) during April 1993 in Bengaluru with the main objectives:

  • To establish, take over, maintain, run, develop, improve, extend, grant, donate for and to aid in the establishment, maintenance, improvement and extension of Schools, Colleges, Polytechnics and other institutions including Vocational Training Centres, Research Centres and Audio Education Centres, and Hostels for students pursuing their studies.
  • To found, establish and run Research Centres and organizations as independent units for the purpose of promoting and undertaking Scientific Research in pure and applied sciences for the benefit of the community.

In line with its objectives, PPISR is promoted and managed by AMEF. This was established during 1998 to create an environment for Scientists to pursue fundamental research in Pure and Applied Sciences. PPISR is situated at Bidalur, Devanahalli, Bengaluru.